Finding a child for a film about child abuse …

...We were utterly shocked by the number of mothers who, in light of the subject matter of the film, didn’t even ask what their child would be expected to do at the shoot.

...We were extremely taken aback by the photos sent to us by these parents.

...We were deeply grateful to have met ‘our’ Christina and her family, with whom we enjoyed an intensive dialogue.

    Without this critical examination …

    Without these loving parents who truly care for their child …

    Without the trust they placed in us and our work …

… we would neither have wanted nor been able to make this film.

We attached particular importance to avoiding any traumatisation of the child actress during her work on this film. An unobjectionable ‘alternative storyline’, developed especially for Christina, was employed to obtain the intense shots necessary for the film. At no point did Christina experience the shoot as disturbing or unpleasant. On the contrary, there was so much laughter that it was quite a challenge to capture serious facial expressions!

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